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Welcome to the free web-based Analytics Workbench!

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The Classic UI

The classic UI has been designed to be used on desktop computers. It combines a large workspace for designing analysis workflows with an overview of available analysis features, which can be added to the workspace by drag and drop to workflow, on the left hand side, information about results created in the current session on the right hand side, and a menu of available actions on top.

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The Mobile UI

The mobile UI has been designed to be used on touch devices. It offers the same functionality as the classic UI, but is focused on touch interaction and also on smaller screen sizes. As a result most of the space is occupied by the workspace. The available analysis features, the overview of created results, and the action menu are initially hidden and can be shown on demand.

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The Analytics Workbench

The Analytics Workench is a tool for performing different kinds of analyses. It combines a web-based frontend for designing analysis workflows with server-side computation of the designed analysis processes. The workflows are represented using a visual language.

The workbench was designed as an extensible analysis framework. Extensibility includes both the possibility to connect different frontends to the computational backend as well as the possibility to extend the available analysis features. As the workbench is still in development, new analysis features are added regularly.

The version offered here is a demo version, which is restricted to a selection of analysis features from the field of Social Network Analysis. Please be aware that the version offered here is not intended for productive use. Thus created analysis workflows and results may be deleted from time to time without further warning!

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